Service dog certification

Certify your dog as a service dog with Control Canine.
Our Service Dog Certificate will include training, a vest, all badges and our doctors certification and approval.

You will then gain access to Public Places, air travel and a world of opportunities for you and your service dog!

Package Highlights:

  • Customized Service Dog Vest: Your service dog will receive a professionally tailored and durable vest, specifically designed to clearly signify their role and assist you in public spaces. The vest serves as a visual indicator of their trained capabilities, promoting respect and awareness from the community.
  • Official Badges and Identification: Our package includes distinctive identification badges that provide instant recognition of your dog’s service status. These badges are not only a symbol of honor but also a practical way to facilitate seamless interactions and access to various establishments.
  • Doctor’s Certification: Secure an essential component of your service dog’s legitimacy with an official doctor’s certification. This certification validates your dog’s role and highlights their ability to perform specific tasks that assist you with your unique needs.

The process:

  • Consultation: Initiate the process with a consultation to discuss your specific requirements and your dog’s training and capabilities.
  • Evaluation: Our experienced team will evaluate your dog’s suitability for service work, ensuring they meet the necessary behavioral and training standards.
  • Customization: We create a personalized service dog vest, badges, and identification that accurately represent your dog’s certification status.
  • Doctor’s Certification: We facilitate the process of obtaining a certified doctor’s evaluation, documenting your dog’s capabilities and their vital role in enhancing your quality of life.

Benefits of service dog certification:

  • Enhanced Accessibility: With our comprehensive certification package, you and your service dog will gain increased access to public spaces, transportation, and establishments where service animals are recognized and permitted.
  • Community Awareness: The vest, badges, and official doctor’s certification act as powerful tools to educate the public about your dog’s important role, fostering understanding and respect.
  • Legal Protection: By possessing proper documentation and identification, you safeguard your rights as a service dog handler and help mitigate potential conflicts or challenges.


Elevate your service dog’s role and impact with our Service Dog Certification Package. Through this comprehensive offering, we are committed to providing you and your canine partner the recognition and support you both rightfully deserve. Embrace a new level of independence, accessibility, and connection with your certified service dog by your side.

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